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Meet The Designer
Hi, my name is Jahsri. I'm half Indonesian and grew up between the small island of Bali, Indonesia and the Humboldt hills of Northern California. I come from a long line of artists and seamstresses and was submerged into fashion since the moment I entered this world. 
With Bali's beautiful selection of textiles, the the idea of doing production on my homeland came naturally. I collaborate with family owned and run factories that my mom has been working with for decades. Which started out of a small garage and organically grew into something much bigger. 
I now have my roots and home base planted here in Northern California. I love traveling, anything to do with water, and of course designing collections of tropical bliss for you babes!
I am continuously trying to educate myself on sustainable options in the market. I've already made the transition to compostable mailers by Better Packaging, and plan to use more sustainable textiles such as Naia in my next collection.
I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoy designing them for you!